French-Made Tablecloths That Are Stain-Resistant!

Published: 06th August 2010
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Provence, located in southeastern France on the Mediterranean, houses an amazing collection of French-made tablecloths. These tablecloths have spread their elegance the world over.

It all started back in the 17th century when a French company imported Indian linen, which was characterized by vibrant colors and patterns. It was known as Indiennes. These linens became highly favored for dress making and house linens. This started led to a practical beginning of the Provencal fabric revolution

Provence is known for its lush lavender fields, tall olive trees, bright sunflowers, poppies, rosemary and cicadas. The region is dotted with various villages interwoven with ancient culture and embedded with spectacular natural scenery. Some of the greatest artists of the world like Cezanne, Picasso and Renoir were influenced by the Provence region.

The Production Process

Such breath taking tablecloths with artistic motifs come to you only after going through a detailed process. It starts with linen whitening. Then, the patterns are drawn through stencils. The manufacturers use bright colored dyes made from plants for fabric coloring. Today the production process is aided with advanced technology, yet the original patterns and colors remain the same.

The manufacturers of Provence still use the old technique of hand printing or printing through brass rollers. Many reputable companies of the US have optioned this rich heritage of French fabrics and now offer it within the country. The tablecloths, napkins and other products are inspired by the French style, yet appear as modern as today's customer preferences. These bright, crisp and gorgeous fabrics capture a bit of Provence and bring it to the home of the buyer.

Qualities Of Fabrics From Provence

One noteworthy quality: they require no ironing. They look as good as new even after multiple washes. These fabrics are resistant to stains and spills. French-made napkins and French-made tablecloths are the best for family dinners or when feeding toddlers. You can enjoy your barbeque without worrying about cleaning your tablecloths. These fabrics arrive fresh from the French mills and create a welcoming look in your home. You can purchase them in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They drape neatly and offer a stylish and attractive look.

What's more - these fabrics are quite extremely durable. They can tolerate a messy farm environment and withstand large family dinners in the open air, even with wine spills and sauce stains. After years of use, they still show no signs of wear and tear.

There's no doubt this explains the popularity of fabrics from France. Don't we all want a fabric that washes easily, takes over a few spills, and retains its beauty for years?

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